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There is a moment and there is a time. And sometimes time collides. I see myself in time. Perhaps even in colours. There is never time to be alive even though we try. We are here. We are gone. And we are doing what we can to be of one and to be of peace. There has always been a place to be. And never a time to be. And what a story to tell and what to do? Oh. A story, a story, a story. No not really. Not today. But I'm working on it I guess on some level. But like I said before I kind of washed out on the story thing. Kind of have a piece going. But it's kind of personal and introspective and that's kind of not really good is it because it has no bounce. Hmm. I suppose that will be something I will think about and go from there. I wrote a blog awhile back but I lost it in cyberspace and that was kind of okay because perhaps I was too personal and just a bit melancholy...but you know I'm working on that too. Kind of lost connection and when I cam back I lost the blog. Anyway.  There seems to be a moment. A disconnect and in doing so I lose all grasp of whatever reality I seem to be in. And that's just in it you know. I notice that on the web there is this kind of truthfullness that is almost beyond real that you wonder whatever is real. And I have never really been too into the whole web scene. And it's really bad ...perhaps is very good. It's just that I have always kind of had this disconnect with it. I of course came to web late and computers weren't really like they are now back when I was first exposed to them. But I can feel the groove that they kind of give off in their ...oh what? Well it's kind of like this all day, all night open kind of feeling and there seems to be quite a lot trippy things out there to observe if you have the stomach for it. yeech!  But you know there are fun things too. :)  So we go from here to there and we find ourselves kind of in a good place an we kind of figure... what? I thought about working in a snf again but then I thought about it  and thought about it and kind of thought I don't want to be there anymore. I always in the past put the snf first and didn't give enough to my family and now I am feeling I need to be there for my family and just really be there you know?  I look around me and I have observed thoughts and such and I can see that I have not really noticed as much as I initially thought. But I'm working on that and who knows... So just kind of stay in a mind of peaceful being and keep yourself above ground and keep swimming. Ah. So in a moment of thought I can see that I am on a course and I am doing what I always seem to be doing and doing it okay and still learning and growing and dividing into different states of mind. And that's always fun isn't it? And we are all thoughts converging and growing and ah what else? Hmm. I wonder and I don't and I'm working through it and getting to it. :) Something like that but I need to get better and work on that food pyrmid as it were and keep the salt away... but haven't you noticed that salt is everywhere and in everything. Ah. Hmm. Kind of a thought of mine... mind? Ah. Clear away from the ocean and into the bay and out in boonies and somewhere in the desert. u.s.w.  Oi.  A story? A story of nothing. A story of something. And a story of being. Keep in mind we got to go forward and pace ourselves and do what we can. Let go and fall on through. :) pennypampers

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