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In my thoughts. In my own mind. I was thinking about  my feelings and my inner dreams and fantasies. I have been thinking about moving on. I want to just go forward in some way but it's not always easy. There is so much going on sometimes and I have come to realise that I am just not up to it in some ways. I can do what I can do but I'm not really able to do much more than that. I suppose I was overstepping myself on some level and that's how I got lost. I will do something. Don't know what. I feel that am kind of use as only a caretaker and I suppose that's kind of what I have always done except I have found ways to deny all that because I always thought I should be more but you know being a caregiver is a good thing and we need care.  :) pennypampers

I want to be a sugar baby and have a sugar daddy. But  I know that is just a fantasy. I kind of live in real life and I have always tried to live in a fantasy world but I never have very good luck in that category.  There is always too much reality and I can't escape it and I have always found that others have a easier time of it than I do and that is what usually hangs me up and I just to be aware of that and just....I don't worry about it you know.  Just life and as such. Going forward is what we do and how we live. I can't do nothing more than that. Or something like that and whatever and go and do something and have a good time being alive and being of life. :) pennypampers

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