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You're all make believe. I know because I made you all up. I will do to my arm what I please. Just wear long sleeves.  Your digital imprint is as weary as your genetic code.  All eight billion of you. Beware beware I eat men like air. Coughing, spitting, gaspiing for air. Locked in a box. You're all endless and I have yet to begin. It's the fickle finger of fate and I am Sweet Charity.  3-D world in a 2-D mind. Laugh and take it all easy and maybe you wont explode like a pinata at a quinceara. You stay away in my mind and I am walking the streets on London. Alone and not afraid...I am too numb for that. The world away. The day away. The clouds. The laughter. The dance. A dream to melody. A tune yet to concieve. We are a distance in dreams. The end is yet to be and the beginning just a day away. So free. Yet so...? The image is one that cannot yet comprhend. I can only yet believe myself. Only now begin to touch. All the way around me the bells ring...the angels sing and the advesary breaks it down again. We are here. Don't you see. The revolution is about to begin and the beginning is now just to end. So flutter those lashes and swoon to the tune. Every four corners where the endless people meet. You can walk the stairs or you can take the lift but never again can you stay in the way you change...your grow...let it all be and then you shall see.  The distance reaches we claw our way into the event horizon. The bright red screams and the bell jars and those unbelievable cookie jars and cookie's comb. I believe you, I believe you...I just can't see you. We are now just begining to touch the depths of the liquid sky. We are here and we see ourselves there. So don't treat yourself harshly for seeing what others cannot. It's too late for anyone to believe. The scoundrel plays SRO. Clapping we regret we have even come here. We can only understand ourselves in the context of another and yet another is not to's too late to be...just fade away. And question not. Laughter and distain and sorrowful grimace and tactful smile and humming a tune of youth no longer but still with a smile and a glimmer in the eyes...those crows feet and those distant memories and our thoughtful playful Ollie's Lollies. A tune. Everywhere we go. A dance. A chance.  Up down and in between.  Don't slouch your shoulders. Be as plain as you see and remember...just remember. The vast morjority are just now tuning in. Place their smiles on a plate of sunshine and the world in.  A conscious to get all right. Res gestae. We are now just begun. The ships have landed and crowds are consuming the details or our arrival.  Push forward and let us begin again. We are light headed and severly deluded but we shall come again and pledge our allegiance to the arbitrate and the artisan. And forward we shall go as nowhere else to go. And 45 rpm shall soon come to an end but the needle will be again. We are now just beginning. Staying true. Staying blue. Staying you. :) pennypampers 

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