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in the image of my mind I try to be fine

but the line  is twisted and not true

and suddenly all the words are double spaced

and now what was simple is much more complicated

and  simply trying to be too hard

we laugh we cry and all we have to do is act naturally

at least now I can listen to yesterday and today

and all the order is as I remember

but still the question remains:

who are you and who am I?

and does it even matter?

I've seen web of lies

I know what you are after

on your book of faces

just remember I am not the Lotus

I am you as you are me as we are all together

so be peace

and don't get hung up on the digits in cyberspace


however being

lost in this moment

come to find that I am nowhere been

always thought

there would be more to be

I knew there could have been more

there is so much to be

just in letting go


A bit of laughter

a bit of relief

a smile

a hug

a missed friend

a found friend

a new world


In a Thought of Mind

In a steal of time
And a distant dream
Upon a shore divided
A moon above an ocean of blue
And stars too
A world divided
Above and below
The three worlds you know
A thought consumes
Who once you were
Time that has gone by
Be not afraid of tomorrow
For it will never be
All of now is now
All that we have

Dream Dance

A moment of bliss
Upon a lake
A bend through the road
Of mind
frame of time
Don't believe these words
They are just made up
In mind
A tune sometimes out of time
But truth just the same
Just a bore
Just a game
Just a dream
What a mind
Blown a fuse
In backward
All just a dance

The World is Coming to an End

Don't you know?
Ninjas vs Pirates
Zombie Responders vs Zombies
It's a neat trick
In a destine world
In a destine time
A smooch
A kiss
Partners in crime
Doing time
In a state of mind
Copping a feel
Turning down the care
Priceing up the bill
It's BurgerTime medicine
With an  angelic appeal
Something crazy went away
But not because it did
What is budget cuts
Bring me down to the old
Stomping ground


Danger Dolls

The bad feeling goes away
The bad feeling never leaves
Inside outside
There is never news
That can make you hide
You live your life
You try to be alive
You have been hurt
In a deeper way
You have been betrayed
By those you never thought could
You worry that you did this
Somehow you brought this on
But don't you believe that
Don't you believe that
Lost in the rift of fear

What Defines Now?

Perhaps nothing defines now
Perhaps nothing is now
You take a step away
To gain perspective
Then you have to take another step
Just to understand what you not
Thought you knew
Everything is always changing
Yet doesn't everything remain oddly the same?
Something you  knew now
You did then but did not know
But you did know
Just did not know
But know now
Just the same?

A Neat Trick

That lasted just one day
Or maybe just a lifetime
But just the same it was
A neat trick
To be sure of that
That lead you astray
That fateful day

Burning into the Shadows

Awaking at dawn
Living life out in the lawn
A turbulent sunrise
A subtle demise
A missive dream
All the way awake

Distance Tree Distant Dream

All the way through my mind
I see it folllowing all the time
The Distance Tree
On my mind
I know the time has gone by
I know the time is to cry
I know I was not there
Except only in my mind
So much
So little
Just now out of time
But still...

all the way a view of mind

never that we know
the mind to be
a soul
a division
a distant dream
so let us be of pure heart
let us be of laughter
and yes even sunshine
but let us be moonlight too
and a shadow of a palm tree
all the way around us
and within
the laughter
the disquise
the hippy trippy way
we once stood on the precipice
of all understanding
then found us confused
the generations come and go
the words the songs the images
that breed and bleed
the world is coming around
as always as it does
and we too are coming around
and once we let it all go
we truely laugh and smile
as only a child
in the body of a decades heart and soul


out of tired sky
we yawn awake
awaiting the new day

we are so much sun

We are so much sun-
We are so much light-
We are something
We can not even think of

We are trying to be free-
Now we know
It's a punishment-
It's a vice-
It's a device to set us free
It's a overwhelming desire
To be put in chains
And shackled to the world
Of time

And people who do not see-
Do not understand-
There is an end
To abbreviation

We often delight
In what we do not see
We are powerless to move
What we can not be

the thought

the thought
that silence will go away

just a laughter in my mind
a tune out of time

a laughter- a rise

in life that see

inbetween moments of being-
a space-

overly conscious
of a time to be-
we awaken in a bed of  flowers
unable to see
the truth that is

under the blue light

protect me as long as you can

critical mass

never knowing what to do
and whatever was
there is a moment
where everything is
and nothing was
just standing here
all the while
in the hall
passing ice
answering lights

ring of fire

we are now entering the ring of fire
we are opening
we are transcending
we are everything
we are nothing
we are saints
we are devils
we are the Hate Machine
we are not what you think you are
we are peace and lotus blossoms
we are mushroom clouds and sarin gas
we are your belief
we are your disbellief
we are the hope you had
when you were young
we are the guilt you carry now
and the tarnished innocence
you give away everyday
you of all brotherly and sisterly love
in the light of the sun

desire engine

it's a start
it's an end
it's a begin again
it's a distance race
it's a summers place
it's a dream dance
it's an explosive romance
it's a driftwood smile
it's a childs game
it's a song that remains the same
i listen
i remain
you are gone
but not
you are here
and you are not
the love remains 
it is not the same
but it's real
and in my minds eye
and in this song
as long as i remember
you remain
and perhaps even after that
and i not remember
perhaps even then unknowing
the love remains
so smile
so smile
so smile...


here alive
not much doing
not much done
but alive
this moment in time
aware yes
for this moment in time
awake now
just here
doing nothing
so it seems
but awake
in dream
in thought
in memory
not here
maybe not here
maybe was here
then gone
or maybe never was
or something like that
or something else
but there is not much...

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