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flamingo reed

there is no new world order
there is just ORDER

let us

let us dive into the ocean
let us be in the milkyway
the stars within
the moon
the tide
let us dive into the ocean
while yes we're still alive
come into being
the end so near
but the years come clear
let us dive into the ocean
the ocean blue
let us be alive
just this once
us two
the wrecks within
the wrecks without
the divided dream
and the disenchanted garden
all the world around us
let us dive into the ocean
and sip the divine noise
as it seeps within us
going this way
into the snow
just so now
you know
just dance this roller boogie boogie boogie
just laugh
let us dive into the ocean

y o u ar e div id ing

and you do not know
who you are
you are divine
you are young
you are dead
you are pop u lar
you are a st ar
y o u ar e
never min d the tim e
the eni gma is ju st fine
let us be
retr eat and g ro w a gai n
t im e to re tr eat
and b e a gain
life is s h o r t
an d t i me is QUICK
let it speak
don' t re tr eat
b e and be a li ve
g r ow an d di vide
smile and :) g li de
are am no t d ea d
I a m no t f reD
don' t let you r he aD
exp lod e
two years at a time
is no truth to be
s t a y awhile
see h ow t he ga me EndsBegi n
don't be a frai D
no w that y ou s ee
D o y ou n ot be lieve?

still out here dreaming

hello my dear ones...

untitled thus far...

in a time of retreat-

when misunderstanding was common place-

when all else fails-

the fallen

misfits and mischief reighn

a secret

if a secret is to be believed

and only a handful

can be believed

then what can we do

if we are decieved?

decieved not once

but twice- and twice more?

all over our mind

just in our time

we believe just what we believe

that we concieve

just that be believe

that is to be real

that is to be true

if only it is to be a lie


tomorrow pierce cloud infinity




measure man signifigant value

tested value difinitive time

tortured soul

stardust milkway staircase


eyes backlit

turned inward down

believed to be

casting shadow


the future just begun

reaching into simplicity

into dawn of dawn of time

from nowhere mind

just a line

there is place to be

keep in mind

there is a place to be

and a place to be

is a place to be

so smile and laugh and be of joy

ha ha ha


be of glee

like a spider reaching into simplicity


in your shadow mind

the song

that was covered

all this time

from long ago

a new spin

you would have been blown away

ha ha ha

you would have really have totally been twisted with glee

and have had to have a drink

just to have a cool spell

and a laugh

and share a smile

and remember when

all this time

after this time

still this time

even now

this blondie

can really rock

laughter divides

late in night

not thinking twice

laughter divides

trying to think of ways

not to bleed in the doorways

remembering when I was younger

and thought I was smarter

everything felt new

designes that I saw and all the words and pictures

just seemed like nothing came before

now everything has a sense that of dejavu

but don't feel down

even if you're not up

just stay in the shadows for awhile

which way is up

what is real

und so weiter...

to my sister who is dead...

i can't change you

not no more

i can't talk to you

i can't play these songs

and call you up

not no more

i can't watch true blood

and tell you eric northum is so hot

i can't tell you i love you, good night, talk tomorrow, sleep tight...

have a good day at work

there are a days that are nights

when sometimes i am up and i don't forget you are gone

but i remember what it was like almost like

when you were in my thoughts when you were here

when a year was ten years past

and the past was not the past at all

and there was a show four big chairs

there would just be no doubt

and we would be in our minds in a set time

away in a journey

in another time

and perhaps no

it just what it is

is what i was told

seconds down

and you were out

of course i imagine it felt an eternity

all the days all the days all the days

you are on my mind

the book of faces still hold you dear

the people still flock to you

day in and day out

writing their words of love and loss

you live on even in now in cyberlife

even though your life blood no longer is

your smile larger than life

i am tempted to leave

just to be

just to see

just to take away

just to dance the night away

in a distant dream among the distance trees

we are all so lovely

is our dis-ease

in rememberance i remember more than i knew

as i hear through the words of the mourning

the secrets i never knew you kept

just because you loved me-

so smile my dear one

my dear one

my loved one

my dear one


return of saturn

Cyberspace Dreaming

Enter my mind


and do a time


and no wonder


it's time


to go away


or just stay or ask a question


or wither away




is no fun


the puking


the sudden death looking in your eye


the crying, the lingering, the lonliness, the sadness


the song on the radio


playing The Sorentinos


and I can almost find myself


in this time in my mind


in this space in the book of faces


but the phone won't reach me


and the dream wont teach me


We are all watching me


the good girl that I am


there is time


there is time


there is time


just to be or simply to see


or maybe


just maybe


I just got off track on this one...

if what...

if i was doing what

if i was doing not

if i knew what i was doing


figure it out



somewhere in my mind

in a state of mind

in a moment of mine

when maybe i could


oh no

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in the image of my mind I try to be fine

but the line  is twisted and not true

and suddenly all the words are double spaced

and now what was simple is much more complicated

and  simply trying to be too hard

we laugh we cry and all we have to do is act naturally

at least now I can listen to yesterday and today

and all the order is as I remember

but still the question remains:

who are you and who am I?

and does it even matter?

I've seen web of lies

I know what you are after

on your book of faces

just remember I am not the Lotus

I am you as you are me as we are all together

so be peace

and don't get hung up on the digits in cyberspace


however being

lost in this moment

come to find that I am nowhere been

always thought

there would be more to be

I knew there could have been more

there is so much to be

just in letting go


A bit of laughter

a bit of relief

a smile

a hug

a missed friend

a found friend

a new world


In a Thought of Mind

In a steal of time
And a distant dream
Upon a shore divided
A moon above an ocean of blue
And stars too
A world divided
Above and below
The three worlds you know
A thought consumes
Who once you were
Time that has gone by
Be not afraid of tomorrow
For it will never be
All of now is now
All that we have

Dream Dance

A moment of bliss
Upon a lake
A bend through the road
Of mind
frame of time
Don't believe these words
They are just made up
In mind
A tune sometimes out of time
But truth just the same
Just a bore
Just a game
Just a dream
What a mind
Blown a fuse
In backward
All just a dance

The World is Coming to an End

Don't you know?
Ninjas vs Pirates
Zombie Responders vs Zombies
It's a neat trick
In a destine world
In a destine time
A smooch
A kiss
Partners in crime
Doing time
In a state of mind
Copping a feel
Turning down the care
Priceing up the bill
It's BurgerTime medicine
With an  angelic appeal
Something crazy went away
But not because it did
What is budget cuts
Bring me down to the old
Stomping ground


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